Monday, April 26, 2010

John Lester Update

1. Medical dates. Along with May 6 set for Dr. Lester's gastric bypass surgery, he now has Friday, April 30, for his
pre-op consultations at Cleveland Clinic.

2. Critical time for donations. Payment of the $10,450 half of the total fee (plus some additional medical preparation costs) is due before the May 6 surgery. The Friends of John Lester Trust has $4,700 in hand and needs at least $5,750 more in this coming week.. So if you or someone you know is thinking to make a first donation or further donation, now is the time. All donations go 100% for Doc’s treatment. Please make donations to Friends of John Lester Trust, P.O. Box 694244 , Miami FL 33269 . Or phone or e-mail Ted Wilde if you need someone to pick up your donation--305 690-0230.

3. Further publicity and fundraising. In June - August after the surgery, Dr. Lester needs to pay the remaining $10,450 fee. So we need to keep organizing fund-raising projects and look for publicity that can provide a breakthrough on this amount..

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